Septic Pumping Services

Septic Pumping Services

We are licensed to provide septic pumping services in Clallam County.

How Often Should I Have my Septic System Pumped?

You will know if your system needs to be pumped when you get your inspection report.

By state and county law, homeowners are required to have routine inspections of their septic systems.

  • Gravity Fed / Conventional every 3 years
  • Pressurized Systems (systems with a pump) every year

Telling you how frequently otherwise is nearly impossible to forecast when or how often you will need your system pumped.

Variables that Influence Septic Pumping Frequency

  • Lifestyle: your diet, volume, chemicals used in your home that enter your system
  • Number of Users
  • Type of paper used
  • Etc.
Peninsula Drain and Septic is Clallam County's only complete septic system services company and has been providing serivce for Port Angeles, Sequim, Forks and outlying areas since 2007. Get in touch with us to schedule service!